Mission and History

Mission – To inspire moments of “awe” that connect You with what matters most, and help you to discover the wisdom in You.


We believe that you have come upon Wisdom of the World’s website for a reason. Whatever the reason, it is our hope and prayer that you might find value in enjoying our experiential gifts and joining our community, so that you can connect with our events and resources as well as the tools and resources of our partners and allies.

We know in our bones that if you utilize our tools, and the resources of our allies, partners, and friends – and join us in our constant search for aligned and resonant partners in this movement towards honoring all of our human capacities as equally important jewels in the crown of human experience—you will not only see your gifts and talents arise more frequently in your own life, but you will be an instrument of supporting those in your world to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. 


Wisdom of the World is dedicated helping to awaken the inherent wisdom in every person on the planet so that we all can be present for the important choices and transitions in our lives. 

We are dedicated to the discovery and exploration of both ancient and modern techniques that spark “moments of Awe”—which bring insight, distinction, clarity, Wisdom, understanding, connection, inspiration, and peace. These moments of awe help awaken us to who we really are and to what matters most. We then share these awe-inspiring methods with you through our experiential media, keynote speeches, workshops, and community with the goal of bringing the world together through musical solutions that integrate holistic enhancements to:

  • Improving physical and spiritual health (for both the ones receiving care, as well as for the professional and lay care-givers). 
  • Supporting life transitions (from birth to death).
  • Cultivating leadership (in business, health-care, education, community, and at home).
  • Improving education (in partnership with university research).
  • …and more. 

Everything that Wisdom of the World (we) offers, teaches, and promotes will empower you use to actualize your unique potential, so that you can become the WisdomSteward you innately are, whether your domain is yourself, your primary relationship, your family, your community and the world. 

Who we are

Wisdom of the World is an aligned collection of artists, thought leaders, writers, teachers, healers, and change-making pioneers who recognize that true healing and transformation is possible and accessible now. And that true transformation is experienced with every cell of our being—our body, mind, heart, soul, and Spirit. 

Our passionate professionals represent the vital fields of Health and Wellness, Education, Leadership Cultivation, the Arts and Media, and Spiritual Evolution, and more—and are dedicated to exploring arts-infused innovative solutions, strategies, resources, and experiences that will serve as dynamic ‘enzymes’ to awaken our innate wholeness. When touched authentically by this wholeness, it inevitably awakens to who we are, what we’re here for, and what matters most. 

What we do

These innovations and individuals, all reflecting an essential balance between our hearts and minds—our doing and being functions—will serve as tools to empower anyone seeking to claim their own wisdom, no matter what areas they’re engaged in, so that we can alleviate our suffering, heal our wounds, and strengthen our confidence so that each of us can, as Gandhi said, “become the change we wish to see in the world.”

When touched, moved and inspired by these life-enhancing values within an experiential context of beauty, we can come home to a true recognition of our interconnectedness—as well as our interdependence. Therefore, we are passionately committed to discovering and disseminating the best and brightest wisdom on the planet—through music, media, and mentoring—in these significant arenas so that all of us can participate in making meaningful contributions to that thriving. 

Our Past 

For the last two decades, the founders of Wisdom of the World have enjoyed an impressive history of accomplishments and accolades, globally acclaimed resources, inspiring events, and pioneering examples of arts-infused tools for healing and transformation, primarily in the fields of health and wellness during life’s transitions. 

Our Future

However, we are now stepping into a new era of collaboration, demonstration, and integration into the institutions of our culture that can offer the most profound contributions to catalyze a more thriving world through any technology, ancient or modern, which helps us to invite these moments of Awe.