Mission and History

Mission – To inspire moments of “awe” that connect You with what matters most, and help you to discover the wisdom in You.


We believe that you have been drawn to our website for a reason. It is our hope that you find value in our experiential gifts and online presence.

After nearly twenty years of sharing our music-infused resources with the world, we’re confident that when you take the time to experience them, you will not only start to see positive changes in your own life; you will also become an even more positive force in the world by being more grounded, less reactive, more heart-centered and more fulfilled in living the life you came here to live. As this occurs, you will “become the change you wish to see in the world.”  (Gandhi)


We are dedicated to harnessing the powers of inspiration and awe to awaken the inherent wisdom within each of us so that we can show up for the important choices and transitions in our lives – with our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

We focus on developing innovative ways to harness the power of music and sound to share ancient and modern wisdom so that we can evoke “holy moments” – unforgettable moments of awe. Whether through music alone, or through unique blends of spoken word and music, these experiences are created to provide comfort, insight and clarity to serve you throughout the transitions of your life. We offer these music-infused creations through our experiential media, keynote speeches, webinars and workshops, and community engagement opportunities, all with an intention to:

  • Improve wellness on all levels – emotionally, spiritually, and physiologically (for both the ones receiving care as well as for the professional and lay care-givers).
  • Support our life transitions (from welcoming new life to stewarding the end of life process)
  • Cultivate more compassionate and collaborative leadership (in business, health-care, education, community, and at home).
  • Improve education (in partnership with university research).

Everything that we offer is designed to teach and empower you to actualize your unique potential so that you can become the WisdomKeeper you innately are, whether your domain is yourself, your primary relationship, your family, your community, and/or the world.

What We Do

 “I think, therefore, I am”.  True or False?  

We live in a fragmented world that is no longer served by this obsolete belief. All of science now affirms that we are multi-dimensional beings with astonishing neurological, biochemical, and energetic capacities based in all parts of our bodies, hearts, minds and souls. Today’s latest findings affirm the value of living our lives with an essential balance between our doing and being functions. Through this balance, we will be able to cultivate our own innate wisdom so that we approach our lives with equanimity, presence and heartfulness, providing more skillful ways to reduce our suffering, heal our wounds and strengthen our confidence.  The art of human being is a multi-dimensional endeavor, and music has a role to play in helping us to become masters of this art form.

When touched, moved, and inspired by these life-enhancing values, we can come home to a true recognition of our interconnectedness—as well as our interdependence. We are passionately committed to discovering and disseminating the best and brightest wisdom on the planet—through music, media, and holistic mentoring so that all of us can participate in making meaningful contributions to a more thriving, balanced, and humane world.

Our Past 

For the last two decades, the founders of Wisdom of the World Wellness have enjoyed an impressive history of accomplishments and accolades, globally acclaimed resources, inspiring events, and pioneering examples of arts-infused tools for healing and transformation, primarily in the fields of health and wellness during life’s transitions. 

Our Future

We have a combined 50 years of experience creating award-winning music and media, serving the world in the arenas of holistic health, wellness, and supporting global development initiatives with NGO’s, educational institutions, and cross-cultural projects for a more thriving world. The founders carry an impressive history of accomplishments and accolades as keynote speakers, hosting and curating inspirational live events and webinars, and creating life-changing content that has made a difference in people’s lives all over the world.