SummerPeace: Embodying Equanimity Contemplative Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space


SummerPeace: Embodying Equanimity Contemplative Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space

The Exhale Collection; Volume III
Sanctuaries for the Seasons of our Souls

(Gary Malkin, 2016)


The Exhale Collection; Volume III,
Sanctuaries for the Seasons of our Souls (Gary Malkin, 2016)

Immerse yourself in the contemplative musical sanctuaries of Gary Malkin, the award-winning composer of the internationally acclaimed audio resource, Graceful Passages. These particular recordings were created to help us face life’s daily challenges and significant transitions with greater mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion. The Exhale Series’ piano improvisations provide “sonic sanctuaries” for our busy, complex lives so that we might emotionally ‘tune’ our inner and outer ‘ecosystems’ in ways that will enhance our opportunities to relate with ourselves and others more mindfully and empathically. These spacious improvisations were also created to assist you while you work on your projects with greater creative flow, infused with a calm yet alert presence that helps you stay connected to both your heart, mind, and soul while you work.

As you navigate your way through the twists and turns of your life, allow this music to give you the gift that you can give yourself at any time of the day or night. When you slow down and become more present, regardless of what season of life you might be going through, everything often changes for the better. SummerPeace is infused with a warm-hearted kindness that invites us into the wisdom of rest, helping to embody equanimity in all aspects of life.

May you always be able to remember and experience the ever-free, ever-now morning of creation throughout all the seasons of your life.

From the Composer/Improviser, Gary Malkin:

“I decided to share these “perfectly imperfect” improvisations as a statement of a renewed freedom within myself, opening to a new acceptance of life as it presented itself to me – honest, vulnerable, and straight from my heart. These pieces represent a stark contrast to the over- perfectionism I was afflicted with during much of my earlier years when producing music for mainstream media projects.

As I commenced working on SummerPeace, I started to feel more comfortable to share these spontaneous musical moments, releasing myself from an obsolete devotion to a tyrannical inner oppressor that could never be satisfied. These improvisations allowed me to liberate myself from this inner tyrant, helping me to discover and accept whatever might want to come through me, as in life, when all its imperfections unfolds without our ability to direct or control it.”


10% of the proceeds from the sale of this product goes to the orphans and foundation projects of Master Healer and Humanitarian, Dr. Pankaj Naram.
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