Alchemical Wisdom

Music-Infused Listening Practice for Presence, Perspective, & Healing

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Why was Alchemical Wisdom Created?

We at Wisdom of the World Wellness believe that one of our most valuable assets as human beings is the capacity to be present, to show up, for those we encounter each day, for our friends, for our families, for those with whom we work.  And of course, for those we love, during the endlessly changing seasons of life.

Most of all, however, we believe it’s important to show up for ourselves, because deep down, we all know that if we don’t take good care of the one in the mirror, we can’t be there for anyone else.

Showing up is important, not only with words, emails, and actions, but also with our authentic self, with an open heart and, when it’s called for, emotional transparency — a willingness to be real, vulnerable, and kind, as best as we can. When we show up in this way, we’re also paying better attention to our body, our mind, our heart, our soul, and our relationship to things larger than ourselves.  However you define it, whether God, Spirit, Soul, All That Is, Beauty, or Nature, studies show that having a relationship with the humbling forces that catalyze awe and inspiration give an irrefutable connection to a sense of meaning, an enhanced state that can help us live longer, healthier lives.

In these wild times of change, fear-based media, digital overwhelm and fragmented attention spans, taking ‘time-outs’ from the constant stream of demands on our attention turns out to be one of the healthiest, most self-loving, and regenerative gifts we can give ourselves.  Like what we’ve learned about the importance of enough sleep, these time-outs help release stress and can quickly give us a wider perspective on the events in our lives, awakening us to a deeper understanding of what matters most.  Yet, interrupting our hectic pace to insert such meditational moments often requires too much of a psychic and energetic shift for us to tackle. 

That’s why we created this mindful listening practice — to provide an easily accessible, alchemical experience that could transform the lead of life – the stress and strain, into the gold of self-reflective presence and perspective.   By committing our full attention for only a few minutes to this unique blend of wisdom with music – whether by simply listening or combining it with breathtaking visual images, we produce enhanced states of health and well-being in heart, mind, and soul. These ‘media-tations’ strengthen our capacity to show up as our best self and feel naturally connected to what matters most.   

We’ve personally discovered what it feels like when listening to grounded, tender, and loving mentoring from someone who’s been around the bend a few times.  From this, we were compelled into curating, recording, editing, and musically enhancing powerful, poignant spoken messages that remind us of the basics, of how important it is to really live in the present moment, to accept, love, and even feel grateful for what life presents to us, no matter what it looks like, and to reclaim our innocence by admitting how lucky we are to be alive.   Many of the world’s well-known spiritual and humanitarian leaders — as well as ordinary, unknown individuals who have faced extraordinary circumstances – make it apparent that each of us has an innate greatness within, a wisdom all our own, that comes along with us at birth.  Our job is to come to know it, experience it, and share it with those we show up for.

What is Alchemical Wisdom, Really?

We are currently experiencing a profound Wisdom Drought in mainstream culture, a Wisdom Deficit that’s obvious every time we turn on Neanderthal-ish reality TV and ‘news’ shows.  However, the astonishing emotional power of the film scoring art offers a way for people to directly experience wisdom as a transformative transmission of compassion and meaning.  While obviously empowering in everyday life, this is especially useful when facing a life-threatening illness, or a loved one’s frightening diagnosis.

Over the last hundred years, film scoring has evolved to such a degree that it can bring us to the edge of our seats with astonishing effectiveness. By skillfully utilizing the nuances of music, the film composer can elicit a vast range of human emotions that leave us breathless in emotionally sonic ‘fields’ resonating with the spoken word and images.  This quixotic art form can entice us into a ‘suspension of disbelief’, taking us on a compelling “escape” from life and instantly shape-shifting us into any conceivable reality, time period, character, or circumstance for the space of a couple of hours.

What if this astonishing art form could actually help alleviate the inevitable overwhelm of real trauma, the agonizing shock of genuine loss, or the understandable fragmentation of attention that tends to undermine our capacity to stay calm, make sound decisions, and face the disorienting experiences of life?  What if the most useful parts of our emotional intelligence could be strengthened so that we could become more resilient by returning to states of awareness or tender-heartedness that help us show up for ourselves, our families, and those we love?

We say “Yes,” and have therefore dedicated our last twenty years to focusing this art form towards reinventing and enhancing access to something we call presence, through recording, editing, and scoring the voices of diverse people who embody benevolence, empathy, authenticity and emotional intelligence.  It’s our fervent belief that these ‘musical messages in a bottle’ can be of great service to millions who are hungry for meaning, honesty, and unifying experiences amidst all the strife and struggle to get along despite our differences.

This is the essential premise behind Alchemical Wisdom, potently demonstrated by our globally-acclaimed psycho-spiritual listening resource, Graceful Passages, which has supported hundreds of thousands of people experiencing life’s challenges since its release in 2001.  When sensitively shared at the right time in the most effective way, this alchemical wisdom modality can catalyze a genuine softening, a potent catharsis, or a revelatory breakthrough that helps people digest often paralyzing emotions.  By giving ourselves these vulnerable ‘holy moments’ of tenderness and compassion, we can be restored to a renewed homeostasis.  This often results in a clearer perspective, greater resilience and an inner strength that’s essential when facing these extraordinary challenges that ordinary people confront every day.

When you encounter the actual travails, triumphs, and transitions of your life – so often without the tender support you might need to help you face, assimilate and understand how to best navigate them – our alchemical wisdom listening practice can offer great assistance. By engaging with a direct, mindful experience of living wisdom, you can awaken your innate wisdom to states of being that are receptive, compassionate, grounded and deep.

By harnessing the power of music and the film scoring art, this experiential genre can help you integrate this kind of listening into a daily contemplative practice, inspiring your mind, touching your soul, and healing your heart’s weariness from the stresses of our world.

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One example of Alchemical Wisdom is the 2-DVD set “WisdomFilms, Contemplative Media for Human Being”.


Below are short clips from these DVDs.

The Stillness is You:
Whispering the Mystery
– Deepak Chopra

Walk On:
A Revelation on the Mystery of Life
– Jyoti

The End of Suffering:
Invoking Peacefulness
– Thich Nhat Hanh

Unconditional Love:
Remembering What’s Most Important
– Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Marvelous Power:
Honoring You
– Bob Proctor

The Welcoming:
Coming Home
Michael Stillwater

Be Here Now:
Awakening in the Moment
– Ram Dass

Returning Home:
Realizing Oneness
– Tu Weiming

This video, “The Future of Business”, featuring World Busines Academy founder Rinaldo S. Brutico – is an example of how Alchemical Wisdom can be applied in a Living Legacy project.

To discover more on how to create your own Living Legacy video or audio for an individual or an organization, visit here: