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Core mission

There are so many significant challenges & questions we are all facing (as individuals & as human life on earth) – now more than ever we need additional insight, inspiration, and Wisdom to solve them.

Our mission (at Wisdom of the World, with considering you as a part of us) is to discover & share the most promising methods & technologies (ancient or modern) in the world for creating environments that invite “holy moments” – moments of insight, distinction, clarity, Wisdom, understanding, connection, inspiration, & peace.
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About us

For many years, we at Wisdom of the World have been invited to facilitate the use of these technologies and methods at all levels:
– U.N. General Assembly Leadership council, invited by ___
– St. Patrick’s Cathedral concert for families of 9-11 victims
– Beijing Grand Theater, right before start of Beijing 2008 Olympics
– NGO’s, Businesses, Schools, Neighborhood Council Meetings, Family events
– Thousands of Hospices & Hospitals, utilizing some of our technologies to help bring peace and clarity to families of those with a loved one facing the imminent transition from life to death, or to face the seemingly impossible to recover against all odds
– During pregnancy and after birth, using an alchemy of music and message to strengthen the mother/baby connection
– [add more…]
– Basically we have been anywhere difficult questions are being asked and/or significant decisions need to be made. During the transitions of life, Wisdom of the World has been helping people find huge inspiration, guidance, wisdom, and peace – strengthening their connection with self, others, and God (or the universe/ ‘higher power’).

What you might not know yet is Your part in it – and how significant Your role is in this all. You have found this website for a reason, and are about to understand more about Your role in helping to solve not only your personal challenges, but also the challenges that we are facing in the survival of the earth.
Perhaps you will find great benefit in using some of these technologies and methods to help You discover more about the Wisdom already in You, what makes Your heart sing, & then you also will see clearly its application to the context of this very moment in time.

The reality is that there are more miracles happening in your life and waiting to happen, than you now may be able to even believe.
If you join with us, you will likely not only see them more clearly in your own life, but be an instrument of helping hundreds and thousands of others to be able to see them too.

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