Mission & Purpose

Mission: To inspire moments of awe that connect you to what matters most, and help you to discover your innate wisdom.


As the twists and turns of our lives unfold, we’re constantly faced with formidable challenges inevitably overwhelming us with questions and concerns. During these overwhelming times, it’s helpful to rely on trusted resources that can awaken your innate wisdom and insight, so you can be assured that you’re coming from the very best version of yourself. 

Our mission is to create experiential resources that can catalyze genuine awe and gratitude during critical times of your life. When you give yourself the time, space, and reflection to experience these transformative resources, we’re confident that you will connect with the inner wisdom you most need, which is always within you, infused with the remembrance of what matters most. 

It is our hope that you find value in our multisensory gifts and online presence. After nearly twenty years of sharing our resources with the world, we’re confident that you will not only start to see positive changes in your own life; you will also become an even more positive force in the world by being more grounded, less reactive, more heart-centered, and more fulfilled in living the life you came here to live. 

Many of those who have benefited from our work report to us that they’re becoming the change they wish to see in the world! May it be so for you as well.  

What We Do

We focus on developing immersive ways to harness the evocative power of music to share deep and pragmatic wisdom so that you can feel what we call  “holy moments” – unforgettable moments of awe. 

Whether through music alone, or through our signature blends of spoken word and music, these resources are created to provide insight, comfort, and clarity to serve you throughout the transitions of your life. We offer these music-infused creations through our heart-opening media, insightful webinars, transformative workshops, and community engagement opportunities, all with an intention to: 

  • IMPROVE your wellness on all levels – emotionally, spiritually, and physiologically (for both you and your loved ones, or for those you’re caring for.)
  • SUPPORT your life transitions (from welcoming new life to stewarding the end of life process, including facilitating the grieving process)
  • CULTIVATE more compassionate and collaborative leadership skills (in business, health-care, education, community, and at home)
  • AWAKEN holistic engagement in education – since your ability to learn with more passion will always be greater when your emotions are evoked, as only music can!

Everything that we offer is designed to empower you to actualize your unique potential so that you can harness your inherent wisdom, whether for yourself, your primary relationships, or your extended community.

A Wisdom Deficit During Challenging Times

“I think, therefore I am”.  True or False? 

We live in a fragmented world that is no longer served by this obsolete belief written by the philosopher, Descartes, hundreds of years ago.  

“Our unquestioned belief that the human mind alone can solve our problems is proving itself to be an illusion. The genius of the human mind now needs to be informed by the wisdom of the human heart. This is the domain of the arts.” -Neal Rogin

Music: The Universal Language of Human Emotion

When you thoughtfully integrate music into all aspects of your life, you start to experience yourself as a multidimensional being with physiological, psychological, biochemical, energetic, and spiritual capacities that can be found in all parts of your body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Over time, your unlimited resources will awaken you to the value of bringing your life into greater balance between your “doing” and “being” functions. Through this balance, you will be able to cultivate your own wisdom so that you can approach your life with greater equanimity, presence, and heartfulness, providing more skillful ways to reduce suffering, heal your wounds, experience gratitude, and strengthen confidence.  

The Art of Human Being

This is all about cultivating “the art of human being”.  You will learn that as you integrate these accessible resources into your life, you will see how music has a role to play that can help you to become a master of this lifelong art form. When being touched, moved, and inspired by these life-enhancing experiences, you can come home to a true recognition of your inherent connection to all of life. 

We are passionately committed to disseminating the best and brightest wisdom on the planet –  introducing both renowned as well as undiscovered visionaries so that you can participate in bringing your doing and being back into balance so that you can share your core gifts and capacities to co-create a more balanced, thriving, and compassionate world.