Strategic Partners


Wisdom of the World Wellness is actively engaged in developing dynamic creative partnerships, including an aligned collection of thought leaders, researchers, artists, educators, healers, consultants, and change-making pioneers. Each of these partners recognize that when we integrate all parts of our human capacities – our hearts, bodies, souls, AND minds – we can generate results that are more generative, sustainable and valuable to our society as a whole. The common denominator of all these projects is a shared belief in the integrative power of music to provide multi-sensory experiences that can offer a more healing, transformative, and impactful experience so that we can co-create a mindful, compassionate world.

These partners listed below represent various fields of health and wellness, education, corporate leadership, transformative arts/media, personal development and spiritual evolution. We are all passionately dedicated to exploring evidence-based, music-infused strategic solutions that will awaken our innate wholeness. When individuals and communities are authentically touched by this wholeness, we are confident that we can collectively bring our words, actions, and initiatives into alignment with values that are focused on improving the quality of life for everyone, living with a deeper commitment to a compassionate world and a shared awareness of what matters most.

Annette Ridenour, Co Founder,  is the internationally acclaimed arts in health design professional who is co-creating the Rejuvenation Systems project with Wisdom of the World Wellness,  to offer innovative serenity pods for professional care providers and corporate cultures to reduce stress. 

David Corbin, Co Founder,  is the co-founder of Aesthetic Audio Systems, creator of innovative ways to provide musical ways to support greater health, coherence, and enhanced performance for healthcare institutions. He is collaborating with WoW Wellness on serenity pods that provide multi-sensory ways to accelerate the reduction of stress for professional care providers and corporate employees.

Lisa Rafel is an internationally recognized healer, teacher and speaker in sound and energy healing, She co-authored the book and CD set, Safe in the Arms of Love and with Gary Malkin, and is collaborating with him on the social impact theatrical production, Can You Hear Me Baby? Also:

David Surrenda Ph.D., has collaborated with Malkin as co-author of the award-winning book and CD set,  Safe in the Arms of Love. He is also serving as Executive Producer of the soon to be launched social impact musical,   Can You Hear Me Baby?

Bea Benkova is the founder of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. She is an executive leadership coach, collaborating with WoW Wellness’s multi-sensory resources to provide holistic leadership tools to support of a more heart-centered, compassionate world.

Jeff Patnaude is the creator of The Habits of Heroes: Twelve Practices for the Greater Good. He is collaborating with WoW Wellness to develop multi-sensory leadership tools to support leaders to become effective agents of the Greater Good.