Who We Are

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”


Wisdom of the World Wellness has been forming alliances with the pioneering individuals, organizations and initiatives which are featured below who have vast experience and networks within their targeted market sectors of Healthcare, Integrative Wellness, Education, Leadership Development and personal evolution. All of our allies, partners, and collaborators are passionately engaged, willing to leverage their talents and global networks towards that which would benefit their respective communities. They all enjoy a documented history of accomplishments demonstrating their capacity to deliver real results in sustainable and effective ways. We have consistently cultivated these relationships based on ensuring that our visions are aligned and complimentary to ours.  have been cultivated to find vision alignment and complementarity. Most importantly, all our partners are deeply committed to doing whatever we can do  all believe in the importance of holistic approaches to systemic change. They also share with us a passionate commitment to collaborate with others to co-create a compassionate, just, peaceful, and thriving world. The following is a complete list of our treasured partners, allies, collaborators and/or members of our Wisdom community; click on links for their longer biographies.



Gary Malkin

Keynote Speaker, Producer, Award Winning Musician

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Wisdom of the World Wellness, LLC


Clint Rogers, Ph.D.

Author, University Researcher, and Social Entrepreneur 

Chief Executive Officer, Wisdom of the World Wellness, LLC; And Co-Host for Wisdom of the World sponsored Teleseminars


Sarah McCrum: Co-creator of the transformative wisdom delivery genre that she has launched with Gary Malkin, entitled Transformances, which provides musically enhanced wisdom for transformation and healing. www.Transformance.global

Annette Ridenour: CEO, Aesthetics, Inc., and Executive Vice President Aesthetic Audio Systems  (which created Harmonic Healthcare Systems) (Aesthetics.net)

David Corbin: President, Harmonic Healthcare, Business Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker.  www.DavidCorbin.com

Jeff Patnaude: CEO, The Patnaude Group, The Habits of Heroes Project, www.Patnaude.com

David Surrenda: Ph.D., Senior Leadership Consultant to Google leadership and other internationally respected companies. Founder of the first school for Consciousness and Holistic Studies at JFK University. He is also the co-author of  Safe in the Arms of Love, and Executive Producer of the theatrical play, Can You Hear Me Baby?  LeadershipEdge.org; SafeintheArms.com

Lisa Rafel: An internationally recognized healer, teacher and speaker in sound and energy healing, Lisa is also an author, composer, playwright, performer and chantress.  She co-authored the book and CD set, Safe in the Arms of Love and with Gary Malkin, is the co-creator of the social impact theatrical production, Can You Hear Me Baby? Songs and Stories about Love, Sex and OMG Birth! www.CanYouHearMeBaby.com. Also: www.lisarafel.com

Nienke Van Bezooijen: Presentation Expert and Business Consultant – Nienke is a Europe based speaker’s mentor supporting leaders and change-makers in business and politics, dedicated to create powerful global connections to transform society into a sustainable and peaceful world. www.nienkevanbezooijen.com

Hope Fitzgerald: Personal Evolution Specialist – Hope has been a dedicated seeker of truth, healing and wisdom, serving as a spiritual evolutionary guide for over twenty years.  Hope is an internationally respected resource through her company, the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution. www.we-infinity.com

Bea Benkova:  Founder of GIFEW, Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. Executive Leadership Coach, Integrating Wisdom of the World’s immersive content in support of Worldwide Leadership Development Program. www.BeaBenkova.com


Sarah McCrum: Internationally celebrated business coach, consultant, and best-selling author of the book, Love Money, Money Loves You. www.SarahMcCrum.com

Jeff Vander Clute: New Paradigm Business and Entrepreneurial Consultant, www.SourcingtheWay.com

David Surrenda, Ph.D. Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant to prestigious global companies such as Google, he serves as a board member on national non-profits and healthcare thinktanks. www.TheLeadershipEdge.com

Neal Rogin: Writer, Director, Filmmaker; www.NealRogin.com

Jim Sexton: Senior Executive at Tracey Locke Advertising, Boston and a graduate of One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Bruce Cryer: Founder and CEO, Vybrato Group, Co-CEO, WholeLife

Adjunct Faculty, Stanford University, Senior Advisor and former CEO, HeartMath, LLC.  Bruce has partnered with Gary Malkin to form the dynamic Keynote Performance entitled WhatMakesYourHeartSing? www.WhatMakesYourHeartSing.net  

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, Chief Consultant for New Paradigm Nursing Curriculums in over 30 countries; Founder/Director, Watson Caring Science Institute www.WatsonCaringsScience.org

Wendy Newman: Founder, Innertaining Media; Branding Professional and Business Coach; www.InnertainingMedia.com

Dr. Ken Druck: An Internationally recognized resilience expert. www.KenDruck.com

Bethany Hays, M.D. Senior Functional Medicine Doctor and Educator. www.BethanyHays.com

Lynne Twist, Founder, Pachamama Alliance, Author, The Soul of Money, Director, Soul of Money Institute. www.LynneTwist.com

Dr. Tony Stern is a published author and gifted psychiatrist based in New York who is deeply steeped in spirituality, media production, and innovative approaches to transformation.

Miranda MacPherson: Spiritual Teacher.  presence and refined capacity to guide others offers a direct experience of the Sacred. Within a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love, she teaches and transmits a synthesis of self-inquiry, devotion, meditation and psychological wisdom that embraces every aspect of our humanity as a gateway home.

Sky Canyon: Strategic adviser on business development, Senior consultant to entrepreneurs, artists and businesses for over 30 years. Original founder, with Marc Allen, of the globally acclaimed publishing company, New World Library

Vinit Allen: Founder, Sustainable World Coalition and Founder, Planet Earth Arts.  www.PlanetEarthArts.org

Sarah Livia Brightwood: President, Rancho La Puerta Destination Spa and Resort. www.RanchoLaPuerta.com

Bonny Meyer: Sustainable Business Advisor, Philanthropist, Meyer Family Investments. www.mfenterprises.com


We want to recognize the following individuals, and how much they have helped us at different phases of our lives and this project:

(Denise Rogers, Alexis Ellen Malkin, Stan Weisenberg, Irving Malkin, George Rogers, Bill Heinrich, Paul Hoyt, Jeanette Biasotti, Jen Jacobs, Gina Long, Wayne Rudy)


Dan Alvarez: Chief of Music and Audio Production, Emmy award-winning music production partner with Gary Malkin for nearly 30 years. www.musaic.biz

Alan Kolsky: Founder and CEO, Digital Video Dimensions, Video Production. www.DigitalVideoDimension.com

Louie Schwartzberg: Globally acclaimed cinematographer, Founder, Moving Arts. Collaborator on WisdomFilms and other Healing Video Modalities. www.MovingArt.com

David Fortney: Cinematographer, Collaborator on Wisdom of the World’s WisdomFilms; www.DavidFortney.com

Lisa Rafel: Partner on book project (Safe in the Arms of Love and theatrical Musical play, Can You Hear Me Baby? www.canyourhearmebaby.com

David Surrenda: Ph.D., Senior Leadership Coach; Executive Producer for Can You Hear Me Baby Theatrical Production. www.LeadershipEdge.com; www.CanYouHearMeBaby.com

Timothy Surya Das Dixon: Producer, Recording Engineer, Composer. www.HarmonicDreams.com

David Shakiban: Founder & CEO at Colorgrooves. www.Colorgrooves.com

Casey Jeppesen: Founder & CEO, EcoValence. www.ecovalence.com


We have recorded fantastic life-changing wisdom from remarkable people across the world, which you can view here.

“Creating a joint venture between head and heart puts a power pack behind your goals. Getting your head in sync with your heart and harnessing the power of coherence gives you the energy efficiency you need to achieve changes that haven’t been possible before. The head can notice what things need to change, but the heart provides the power and direction to actually bring about the changes…”

— Doc Childre & Howard Martin