Multi-Sensory™ Treasure Chest

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine, Restoring Balance

These immersive recordings have been composed, produced, and curated for the purpose of cultivating “Multi-Sensory™ integration” which can restore balance between the intelligences of the body, heart, mind, and soul.  

Regularly listening to these recordings could profoundly accelerate desired shifts in one’s thinking, behavior, and quality of presence itself. One of the most potent uses of these varied recordings would be to initiate or “lubricate” one’s contemplative practice, which can lead to greater resilience and a more humane expression of your authentic self, equipped with enhanced collaborative leadership and life skills.

As hierarchical, primarily male-dominated business cultures are becoming increasingly obsolete, we can create new neurological, biochemical, and emotional pathways that can result in greater balance between polarities such as doing and being, thinking and feeling, and controlling and accepting. Whether one’s gender is male or female, this balance will align with the emergent paradigm of our time, the ascendancy of the “Divine Feminine” worldview that is circulating throughout our planet. Informed and anchored by the indigenous traditions that honor our primal connection to the natural world, we can harness the power of the Universal Language of Humanity (Music) to become more empathic, compassionate, and more inclusive, with a sense of belonging that can generate new possibilities for our lives in a world where everyone can thrive.