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Graceful Passages Course

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About Course

This experiential online workshop will restore your vitality as you awaken to your capacity to navigate Change, Growth, Life, and Loss through our four-step process we call:


  • Metabolize and release loss and grief from the past;
  • Cultivate self-love through acceptance and forgiveness;
  • Inspire awe and humility by embracing the unknown;
  • Awaken gratitude and joy at the miracle of life.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to metabolize and release loss and grief from the past;
  • How to cultivate self-love through acceptance and forgiveness;
  • How to inspire awe and humility within yourself by embracing the unknown;
  • How to awaken gratitude and joy within yourself at the miracle of life.

Course Content

Your Journey Starts Here! (Pre-work and Bonuses)
This is content that you need to review BEFORE the workshop begins!

  • Pre-Workshop: Life Assessment
  • Pre-Workshop: Introduction to the Infinity Wave
  • BONUS/Pre-workshop: Infinity Wave Meditations by Hope Fitzgerald
  • BONUS/Pre-Workshop: Graceful Passages Excerpts by Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater
  • BONUS: Living in Grace During Challenging Times Article by Gary Malkin
  • BONUS: Transformances by Gary Malkin
  • BONUS: Music for Sacred Ritual Space by Gary Malkin

Online Workshop Meeting Recording
Unedited recording and chat history

Section 1: Facing Our Grief
Grief is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Some people can be experiencing grief and not even realize it! We will guide you through how to identify known and unknown sources of grief in your life so you can break the vicious cycle of suffering and engage in your healing journey more fully.

Section 2: Forgiveness, Acceptance & Self-Love
You will learn powerful methods to help navigate the emotional and mental landscapes caused by the challenges you face in your daily life.

Section 3: Facing The Mystery

Section 4: Cultivating Gratitude & Joy
When we transcend thinking about your glass half full or half empathy, we stand for an outlook towards life to be grateful for the glass itself. Then you start living each day with gratitude for the preciousness of life itself. There is no end to this process. Give yourself to the grace of Gratitude.

In Conclusion

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