Pay It Forward

Cultivating Heart-Centered Mindfulness Through the Power of Music

Welcome to the symphony life! Music is the universal language of human emotion and facilitates connection not only with ourselves but with others. From dancing around fires to jumping in unison with thousands of fans in concert arenas, music brings us together unlike any other single thing in life.

Musicians like Gary give from the overflow of beauty and desire that is in their heart. For them creating and bringing life to music that can stir the very souls of the listeners is the greater gift and achievement they can receive! The giving is their greatest receiving.

 There is a reason the old saying, “To give is to receive” still rings true today. The process of giving from a place of gratitude and selflessness in a way that improves the lives of even just one person lifts our spirits. There have been studies on the power and benefits of giving to others by such institutions as the Mayo Clinic including reducing and even preventing depression for some.

While we can’t all create art and music to the level that moves and even heals others, there are many different ways we can give and suppor those who have created those shifts within us.

If Gary’s music, boundless energy and effusive joy has brought some benefit to your life and you feel led to somehow support him, this is the page where you can find many different ways to “Pay It Forward” with the same love and gratitude that Gary pours into all of his work!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Video Gallery

Feature Appearance on PBS’ Healing Quest

A Healthcare Presentation

Presentation Online for the Healing with the Arts
A Book Launch for Mary Rockwood Lane

Interview with Sandie Sedgebeer

The SoulSong Process™

Birthing Your Emergent Self into Being Through the Power of Music

“Gary Malkin is a musical genius with a heart of gold, and a wise spirit full of love and compassion. His work and presentations integrate the best there is on music and the arts for health and wellness. Gary is a great blessing for our world at this time!”

– Jeremy Geffen, MD., Integrative Oncologist, Bestselling Author, The Journey Through Cancer

“When I experience Gary Malkin’s work, I’m reminded of the intimacy between the world of nature ‘out there’ and our own personal realms of imagination. Gary is the musical Hermes, the artist go-between, connecting our deepest selves to the vast world we live in. No service could be more important.”

– Thomas Moore, Bestselling Author, “Care of the Soul”

“Gary Malkin has a profoundly moving way of bringing spirit, music, culture and meaning together.  He is an inspired visionary who brings a warmth and humanity that is contagious.  Be prepared to see people transformed when this particular master is at work!”

– James O’Dea, Author, Former President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Gary Malkin integrates music into an inspiring presentation format that accelerates the holistic learning possibilities beyond the intellectual content of 21st century medical knowledge. His participation in our Functional Medicine seminars was deeply appreciated by our healthcare practitioners.  He is a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm for collaboration is healingly infectious.”

-David S. Jones
MD Former President and Director of Medical Education