Munay: The Power of Love Musical Shamanic Journey

A beautiful collaboration between La Rosa, Malkin and global fusion percussionist, Ian Dogole, breathing new life into the ancient sounds of the Peruvian flute.

(Tito la Rosa, Gary Malkin and Ian Dogole, 2005)

Listen to a sample of the tracks

Lvana Y El Mar
Wayra Punku
El Ojo Del Jaguar
El Vuelo Del Noche
Misterio Del La Noche
Puma Enamorado
Portal Del Amor
Cancion De Pasaje

Total Time: 73:03



Peruvian sonic healer Tito La Rosa blends the ancient sounds of Peruvian flutes and breathes new life into them, bringing the mysticism and wisdom of the Andes into recorded form. On Munay (the Power of Love), La Rosa is joined by composer–producer Gary Malkin, who is as dedicated to social change as he is to music. Munay is a combination of worldly spirituality and social consciousness, and the intent truly comes through in this soothing music, which embodies the mission statement by which both men live their lives. The title track literally translates to mean both “I love you” and “Be as you are,” two powerful phrases, especially when used in conjunction with each other. Malkin’s skillful piano intones both love and hope in its gently tinkling notes, while the exhalation of the flute soothes jangled nerves and opens the heart. 

On “El Vuelo del Condor,” breaths and sparsely layered flutes conjure up the grace of condors flying over stunning Andean valleys. There is much space in the song, which adds to the sense of airiness and promotes the free-spiritedness of these majestic birds. On the final song “Cancion de Pasaje,” the guitar plays a much more prominent role with the gentle twang of the strings adding a bridal element. With strings playing harmoniously alongside the piano that is present throughout the album, there is a sense of calm and acceptance. There is also anticipation, the type that might be found at a wedding or with a shy but happy newlywed couple. A beautiful collaboration between La Rosa, Malkin and global fusion percussionist, Ian Dogole, this music will stay with you for years to come.