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A Sampling of Songs and Instrumental Music to Support the Welcoming of New Life

By Gary Malkin and Lisa Rafel

Munay: The Power of Love – Musical Shamanic Journey

Celebrated Peruvian musical shaman, Tito La Rosa melds his traditional Andean instruments in a rare integration with composer Gary Malkin’s piano supported by Ian Dogole’s percussion stylings, transporting the listener to a lost paradise that inspires feelings gratitude for music and life itself.

“Sound is luminous vibration that lets you leave your shadows …so that you can be renewed and returned to life. Luminous vibrations can connect you to the Divine and with your essence.” — Tito La Rosa

(Tito la Rosa, Gary Malkin and Ian Dogole, 2005)

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Total Time: 73:03



Deepening Our Capacity for Unconditional Love Through the Power of Music

Peruvian music shaman Tito La Rosa’s extraordinary playing features the ancient sounds of his Andean flutes, exuberantly joined by gifted composer/pianist Gary Malkin and global fusion percussionist, Ian Dogole. Munay is in an entirely improvised recording project that brings the mysticism and wisdom of the Andes into recorded form.

Reflecting a worldly spirituality and a social consciousness, Munay intones both love and hope with its gently spacious, tinkling notes. The exhalation of La Rosa’s flute playing soothes jangled nerves and opens the heart like the breaking of the dawn.

The project’s sparsely layered flutes conjure up the grace of condors flying over stunning Andean valleys, adding to the sense of airiness that promotes the free-spiritedness of these majestic birds. Malkin’s piano often seems to shapeshift into a strummed ethnic instrument, blending with La Rosa’s ancient tones as if this cross-cultural collaboration had been done for centuries. Whenever La Rosa’s guitar-like ‘charanga’ plays harmoniously with the piano, there is a sense of acceptance and calm that is evoked, like a homecoming. Munay offers a beautiful journey into a magical field of timeless musical enchantment.