Safe in the Arms of Love: Deepening the Essential Bond with Your Baby

Instrumental, piano-based soundtrack for the mind & body

“After listening to Safe in the Arms of Love, I am reminded of the importance of protecting the sacred bond between newborns and parents by providing music during that crucial phase that will influence the course of a lifetime. This music is beautiful, gently uplifting and peaceful. It perfectly sets the mood for your baby to bond with you in a peaceful and emotionally supportive environment.”
~ Steven F. Horowitz, M.D.  Chief of Cardiology, Stamford Hospital

Created by Lisa Rafel, David Surrenda, and Gary Malkin for Resonant Sounds in association with Wisdom of the World Wellness.(1997)
Music produced and arranged by Gary Malkin

Listen to a sample of the tracks

Total Time: 38:17



Authored by Lisa Rafel, Gary Malkin, and David Surrenda, Ph.D., Safe in the Arms of Love combines beautiful, Positive Intention Music™ that experientially enhances and supports a healthy attachment process with the parents and guardians. Used regularly for the first years of life, it can help strengthen a more secure emotional foundation for a child’s entire life, while giving everyone the opportunity to reclaim the awe, magic and innocence that’s available at this remarkable phase of life. These clinically tested songs and instrumental pieces have been shown to deeply relax both parent and child, allowing them to form the deep heart connection that is the essence of the bonding experience. Also created to serve the boomer grandparents seeking ways to enhance their grandparent experience, it can also be used for adults seeking to heal wounds associated with early childhood, either from a lack of healthy bonding, or from parental neglect. Exquisite, timeless and soothing, Safe in the Arms of Love is a reminder that every child is a gift to be welcomed, supported, and embraced.