Life Transitions


From before birth until after death, life is filled with challenges and transitions that can push you beyond the limits of what you feel you are capable of.

Every challenge or transition, however, is an opportunity or invitation by life to discover deeper meaning, purpose, and capacity. Each provides you a seed and fertile ground for experiencing “Holy Moments” that can move you from human doing to human being – to see more clearly who you truly are, why you are here, and all you are capable of.

Wisdom of the World Wellness specializes in helping you navigate any life transition by creating resources and environments that invite these “Holy Moments” – moments that bring insight, comfort, clarity, connection, inspiration, awe, safety, peace, wisdom.

Discover transformative tools, resources, and events for life transitions such as:

– pre & peri natal development

– emotional/social/intellectual growth of children

– coming of age

– discovering strengths & life direction

– enjoying abundance (creating non-toxic wealth & success)

– leadership & mentoring

– leaving a legacy

– love and relationships

– parenting

– divorce or deepening relationship

– strength & balance in body, mind, & emotions

– initiation of illness

– facing end of life

– dying

– grief/loss & re-imagining life