Living Legacies

Wisdom & Legacy

What is your life or your organization about?

Discover a transformational way to capture your message, your voice, your mission, your story – to touch, inspire, and move those you care about and/or those who you lead.

– Individuals

You are a wisdom keeper. Your life’s experiences and stories contain valuable lessons for yourself and others. Discover how to capture this from you, or from someone who has changed your life, in a way that will inspire, bless, and benefit as many other hearts as possible.

– [learn more how to create a legacy track/film for yourself or for someone who has changed your life]

– [learn more about how to access from the library of other wisdom tracks/films which have already been created, and benefit from the instantaneous peace and clarity they can bring]

– Organizations (for profit or not-for-profit)

The old way is to have a written mission or vision statement, usually one-dimensional, static, and only posted to a wall or sitting on a desk.

Allow us to show you a new possibility for how to inspire, unite, motivate & move all who touch your organization from investors/donors, to employees/volunteers, to customers & beneficiaries.

– [learn more about how to create a legacy track/film with your CEO or for your organization, to awaken deeper potential and mobilize more coordinated positive action]

– [learn how to use the library of recorded Wisdom tracks and resources in your organization to bring more ‘mindfulness’, which is documented (at organizations like Google, etc…) to significantly improve productivity & creativity]

This video, “The Future of Business”, featuring World Busines Academy founder Rinaldo S. Brutico – is an example of how Alchemical Wisdom can be applied in a Living Legacy project.

To discover how you can create your own Living Legacy alchemical wisdom video or audio piece, please contact us here: