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Would you like to make someone’s day brighter and more beautiful?WisdomCards provides a new way to share ‘holy moments’ with those you care about, any day, any time, for free!



All of our music and wisdom infused products have been designed for one essential purpose: To utilize the power of beauty, wisdom, and the mystery of music to remember who you really are, and what matters most.

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Your voice matters. Join us, through our live and online or teleconference events, in making our homes, communities, and this world a happier, healthier place to live for everyone. 

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We believe in you! And are so excited for you to enjoy the beauty and magic in these unforgettable gifts we want to give to you. Life is so short, you deserve to enjoy these gifts now.

Our Mission

As the twists and turns of our lives unfold, we’re constantly faced with formidable challenges and difficult decisions, inevitably overwhelming us with incessant questions and concerns. During these overwhelming times, it’s helpful to be able to rely on trusted resources that can awaken your own innate wisdom and insight, so you can be assured that you’re coming from the very best version of yourself.

Our mission is to create experiential resources that can catalyze genuine “holy moments” of awe and remembrance during the critical times of your life. Endowed with the gift to remember what matters most when you just give yourself the time, space and reflection to experience it, we’re confident that the innate wisdom you most need is always within you. You just might need a little ‘nudge’ of beauty, kindness, and unconditional love from time to time.

That’s what we do. We create immersive moments of remembrance so that you can become the very “wisdom keeper’ you seek. Listen to a few of our alchemical wisdom tracks, and experience it for yourself. After you’ve received your array of gifts from us, do let us know how it made you feel!