Soul Song Sessions

“Gary Malkin’s SoulSong Process is a profound transformational experience that gives wings to your prayers. The joy it creates is palpable!”

-Anodea Judith, Bestselling Author, Wheels of Life, Eastern Body, Western Mind.

The live event we lovingly call “Soul Song Sessions”, led by Emmy award winning composer Gary Malkin, was born out of a desire to give back in a meaningful way, creating a space where we can heal and thrive by opening our hearts in the context of community. Gary guides people through a musical journey as only a master can with joy, vulnerability and wholeheartedness!

We welcome you to pay at whatever level you are comfortable. We invite you to join us solo or with your partner, your family and friends or those with whom you work. All you need to do is come with a curious and open heart and the transformative power of Gary’s music will do the rest!

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“You have to experience Gary Malkin’s SoulSong Process – You’re going to be blown  away!”

– Rikka Zimmerman, Spiritual teacher

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Birthing Your Emergent Self into Being Through the Power of Music

As we assess the changes that have been thrust upon us during these extraordinary times, many of us are feeling called to co-create more generative ways of engaging with our lives that reflect a deeper understanding of what really matters most.

For most of us, the old ways of operating revealed a fundamental imbalance between our minds and our hearts – with a disproportionate amount of “doing” and not much “being.” An overwhelming “busy-ness” in most of our lives pulled us away from our essential selves and the things we most cared about. Many of us started drifting away from the actions, behaviors and people that enhanced our lives with greater meaning, purpose, integrity, and compassion.

Music, the universal language of human emotion, has an integrative power that can help you reclaim your essential self by connecting with your internal guidance and the universal forces that have always been available to you. The SoulSong Process harnesses the power of music by blending the transformative power of your deepest intention with the authenticity of your own voice – whether or not you think you can sing. The end result will illuminate your way to your unique “new normal”, aligned with your purpose and the things that matter most to you.

Ancient cultures all over the world have tapped into the transformational power of our voices. Whether you experience the process in a private session or in a group, The SoulSong Process will your activate wishes, prayers, and intentions for “your one, wild, precious life.” The SoulSong you come up with in your private session with Gary will help you reclaim your innocence, restore your self-confidence, awaken your gratitude for the preciousness of life, and realign yourself in healing and unforgettable ways.

When you engage in The Soulsong Process with pure intention and a willing heart, you’ll come home to the best version of yourself so you can, as Gandhi said, “become the change you wish to see in the world.”

“Gary Malkin is a musical genius with a heart of gold, and a wise spirit full of love and compassion. His work and presentations integrate the best there is on music and the arts for health and wellness. Gary is a great blessing for our world at this time!”

– Jeremy Geffen, MD., Integrative Oncologist, Bestselling Author, The Journey Through Cancer

“When I experience Gary Malkin’s work, I’m reminded of the intimacy between the world of nature ‘out there’ and our own personal realms of imagination. Gary is the musical Hermes, the artist go-between, connecting our deepest selves to the vast world we live in. No service could be more important.”

– Thomas Moore, Bestselling Author, “Care of the Soul”

“Gary Malkin has a profoundly moving way of bringing spirit, music, culture and meaning together.  He is an inspired visionary who brings a warmth and humanity that is contagious.  Be prepared to see people transformed when this particular master is at work!”

– James O’Dea, Author, Former President, Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Gary Malkin integrates music into an inspiring presentation format that accelerates the holistic learning possibilities beyond the intellectual content of 21st century medical knowledge. His participation in our Functional Medicine seminars was deeply appreciated by our healthcare practitioners.  He is a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm for collaboration is healingly infectious.”

-David S. Jones
MD Former President and Director of Medical Education