Who We Are

“People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou


We are a life-generative media and events company dedicated to harnessing the power of music, the universal language of humanity, to inspire awe and gratitude for the preciousness of life, connecting us to the best parts of ourselves.

In these overwhelming times, trusted resources can help awaken your innate wisdom, so you can function as the best version of yourself. Our products harness the power of music, wisdom, and beauty to help you come into balance and remember who you truly are.

With twenty years’ experience to draw on we’re confident that our creations can help you bring positive changes into your life and become an even more positive force in the world. As you spend time with them you become more grounded, less reactive, more heart-centered, and more fulfilled.

In short, we help you become the change you wish to see in the world.


“Our unquestioned belief that the human mind alone can solve our problems is proving itself to be an illusion. The genius of the human mind now needs to be informed by the wisdom of the human heart. This is the domain of the arts.”

– Neal Rogin

We immerse you in “holy moments”—unforgettable moments of awe—through the power of music alone, or through our signature blends of music and spoken wisdom. These experiences offer insight, comfort, and clarity to serve you throughout the transitions of your life. They activate your highest potential. Their benefits extend to your loved ones as well, and to everyone in your care.

Our offerings include transformative music and multi-media, webinars, workshops, and community activities, all tuned to improve wellness on all levels—emotional, spiritual, and physiological. Tens of thousands of people, including thousands of healthcare professionals, have used these resources to support life transitions, cultivate more compassionate and effective leadership, and strengthen groups engaged in online and live education.


Gary Malkin

Keynote Speaker, Producer, Award-Winning Composer

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D.

Author, University Researcher, and Social Entrepreneur 

Principal Wellness Partner

“Wisdom of the World Wellness’ visionary work connects me with my soul and inner wisdom, and moves me to tears of gratitude. I’m moved beyond words by this extraordinary work.”

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Author: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom