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Birthing the new humanity Global summit

A Sampling of Songs and Instrumental Music to Support the Welcoming of New Life

By Gary Malkin and Lisa Rafel

Event Completed on Tuesday the 24th of May, 2022



Deepening Our Capacity for Unconditional Love Through the Power of Music

It is well known that an intimate connection between parents and their babies is critical for the health and well-being of the baby. An obstacle to this connection is stress, which could come from a multitude of sources – emotional, spiritual, physiological, and nutritional. These stresses negatively impact the state of the mother, which naturally compounds the baby’s stress.    Music and sound strategies can play a powerful role in removing or alleviating these stresses by providing nourishing, positive emotional experiences for renewal and connection for both mother and baby.  

​T​his gift book package offers a vibrational balm for the heart and soul, ​and assists parents in becoming more resilient, self-aware, and grateful for the astonishing miracle of new life.  

Womb To Thrive Global Summit

Thriving is your Birthright


    • How does the beginning of your life affect you now?
    • How can you change the resulting limitations and trauma?
    • How can future generations thrive from the start?

A Special Online Workshop Presented by The Ancients Secrets Foundation


Facilitated by Gary Malkin and Hope Fitzgerald

Graceful Passages

Facing Our losses, Cultivating Gratefulness

Event Completed on Saturday the 12th of March, 2022


Contact us at [email protected] If you are looking to have Gary Malkin and Hope Fitzgerald present this workshop for your community. 


It has been said that resistance to acknowledging the depth of our losses causes more suffering than the experience of loss itself. Pent-up emotions can wreak havoc on the body, mind, and spirit, often lying beneath the surface of our awareness until some disaster brings us face-to-face with what’s been avoided. Fortunately, there are tools available to ease us into that sometimes-fearful terrain and offer an opportunity to heal and settle the system. 

There’s something about the ephemeral power of music that eases us more gently into the landscapes of loss, those inner territories we normally avoid. Used wisely, music’s evocative nature and deep alignment with Source can open the channel to cathartic revelations, which in turn allows us to cultivate greater compassion and equanimity towards ourselves and others. 

 A powerful energetic tool called The Infinity Wave works hand-in-hand with music to evoke transformations on every level. The love and compassion inherent in its watery essence breaks up blocks, restores balance, and reinstates flow to the system, penetrating our deepest realms to help us navigate the difficult, sometimes long-held emotions as we find our way to forgiveness.

 By engaging in these practices, we can benefit from life-enhancing alchemy that transmutes loss into gold, reclaiming our lives with an acute awareness of life’s fragility. We can then reflect on who and what matters most and ultimately experience profound gratefulness for life’s simple gifts.

This online experiential presentation of music and the Infinity Wave offers a calm reckoning of the incessant losses we’ve all been experiencing during these extraordinary times. You will learn how to release lingering pain and develop lasting gratitude that will show you how you might live each day as if it were your last, experiencing more joy, connectedness, wisdom, and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

Join Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin and Spiritual Guide, Hope Fitzgerald, in a global online immersion into inspiring modalities for transmuting loss into liberation. 

Soul Song Sessions™

“Gary Malkin’s SoulSong Process is a profound transformational experience that gives wings to your prayers. The joy it creates is palpable!”

– Anodea Judith, Bestselling Author, Wheels of Life, Eastern Body, Western Mind.

Soul Song Sessions

The live event we lovingly call “Soul Song Sessions”, led by Emmy award winning composer Gary Malkin, was born out of a desire to give back in a meaningful way, creating a space where we can heal and thrive by opening our hearts in the context of community. Gary guides people through a musical journey as only a master can with joy, vulnerability and wholeheartedness!

We welcome you to pay at whatever level you are comfortable. We invite you to join us solo or with your partner, your family and friends or those with whom you work.

All you need to do is come with a curious and open heart and the transformative power of Gary’s music will do the rest!

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“You have to experience Gary Malkin’s SoulSong Process – You’re going to be blown  away!”

– Rikka Zimmerman, Spiritual teacher

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Birthing Your Emergent Self into Being Through the Power of Music

Soul Song Sessions

As we assess the changes that have been thrust upon us during these extraordinary times, many of us are feeling called to co-create more generative ways of engaging with our lives that reflect a deeper understanding of what really matters most.

For most of us, the old ways of operating revealed a fundamental imbalance between our minds and our hearts – with a disproportionate amount of “doing” and not much “being.” An overwhelming “busy-ness” in most of our lives pulled us away from our essential selves and the things we most cared about. 

Many of us started drifting away from the actions, behaviors and people that enhanced our lives with greater meaning, purpose, integrity, and compassion.

Music, the universal language of human emotion, has an integrative power that can help you reclaim your essential self by connecting with your internal guidance and the universal forces that have always been available to you. The SoulSong Process harnesses the power of music by blending the transformative power of your deepest intention with the authenticity of your own voice – whether or not you think you can sing. The end result will illuminate your way to your unique “new normal”, aligned with your purpose and the things that matter most to you.

Ancient cultures all over the world have tapped into the transformational power of our voices. Whether you experience the process in a private session or in a group, The SoulSong Process will your activate wishes, prayers, and intentions for “your one, wild, precious life.” The SoulSong you come up with in your private session with Gary will help you reclaim your innocence, restore your self-confidence, awaken your gratitude for the preciousness of life, and realign yourself in healing and unforgettable ways.

When you engage in The Soulsong Process with pure intention and a willing heart, you’ll come home to the best version of yourself so you can, as Gandhi said, “become the change you wish to see in the world.”

The Official Graceful Passages Workshop

Between the bookends of birth and death are countless passages that require your presence and understanding. If you can learn to embrace these transitions, you can become more peaceful, aware, and happy, liberated to experience your days more deeply and consciously.

When you can accept the reality of death as a part of life’s cycle, you will find more joy, abundance, connectedness, and fulfillment. You will start living with a potent regard for the life’s preciousness. And you can then return to the vital business of creating your “one wild, precious life” with more courage, passion, and wisdom.

“Gary Malkin’s SoulSong Process offers a profound spiritual experience that creates deep, instant community through melding the power of prayer with the magic of music.
The joy on everyone’s faces was palpable!”

Anodea Judith, Author, Wheels of Life: Eastern Body, Western Mind