An unforgettable one-day experience THAT will touch, inspire, and empower you with embodied resilience, deeper trust, and gratitude for life.

What does it take to feel fully alive?

How can we live in the present moment with vitality and joy?

Those who have accomplished this have learned how to navigate life’s many transitions confidently and gracefully, so they thrive, no matter the circumstances.

What’s their secret?

They understand that if they embrace, rather than resist, the many twists and turns that life presents and see them as opportunities rather than setbacks, they will be happier, freer people.

So, how do we get there?

It’s natural to resist unwanted changes such as a difficult diagnosis, the unexpected loss of a job or a loved one, or even the intimidating prospect of suddenly wondering if they might number your days. 

 We live in a culture that’s defined by these fears: fear of the unexpected, fear of the unknown, fear of change, illness, and death.

 Yet, those fears make us cling to the past and resist change, which can be said to be more the cause of suffering than navigating change itself.

By trusting this perspective, we believe that you’ll be able to prepare for the future and thrive no matter what’s happening with your health, your finances, your career, or your relationships.  

And when you realize how you respond to change impacts the very evolution of your soul, you’ll never feel victimized by life again. You’ll become more aware, peaceful, and liberated to experience your days more deeply, consciously, and gracefully.

We invite you to an unforgettable one-day experience that will touch, inspire, and empower you with embodied resilience, deeper trust, and gratitude for life.

         Join us to be nurtured with an intimate gathering of heart-centered seekers that will rejuvenate you after the unprecedented disruptions that have affected us all.



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Facilitated by inspirational speaker and Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin (one of the original co-producers of the globally acclaimed Graceful Passages)


Spiritual leader and Death Doula, Hope Fitzgerald (direct receiver of the Infinity Wave).

This experiential online workshop will restore your vitality as you awaken to your capacity to navigate Change, Growth, Life, and Loss through our four-step process we call:


  • Metabolize and release loss and grief from the past;
  • Cultivate self-love through acceptance and forgiveness;
  • Inspire awe and humility by embracing the unknown;
  • Awaken gratitude and joy at the miracle of life.

Cultivate all forms of your human intelligence as experienced through your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit, converging into your unique and innate Vibrational Intelligence (VQ).

Allow the transformative “medicine” of music—and the magic of listening itself – to assist you in feeling and broadening your emotional range. As you ease into the landscapes of loss, you can release inhibiting beliefs and open to cathartic revelations about what and who matters most to you in your life. 

Use the Infinity Wave, a dynamic, energetic tool that accelerates direct access to love and compassion to ease the discomfort of change, connect you to the Source, and reinstate flow and grace to your system. It works hand-in-hand with music to evoke transformation on every level.

Immerse yourself in inspiring modalities for transmuting loss into liberation, resistance into acceptance, and fear into peace so you can reclaim an acute awareness of life’s preciousness and experience greater joy and connectedness with all of life.

Join us for a …

A Transformational one-day immersive workshop!

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“Gary Malkin’s music is a deep experience of the essence, a remembering of our direct connection with all that is.”

 Joan Borysenko

“I had the most incredible opportunity spending time at Hope’s retreat… The best adjectives I have to describe her are present, safe, warm, soft, direct, available, enlightening, generous, inspiring, and transcendent…”

Kim Z.