AutumnStillness: Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space

AutumnStillness: Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space

The Exhale Collection; Volume IV: Sanctuaries for the Seasons of our Souls

“AutumnStillness is utterly lovely. This is what new age music sounds like when done by a real composer with skill and taste.”
-Stephen Hill, Founder, Hearts of Space Syndicated Radio Program

These contemplative improvisations and evocative orchestrations create a magical “sonic sanctuary” that supports compassionate engagement, healing presence, and creative flow.

Performed and Produced by Gary Malkin (2013)
Orchestrations and Sweetening: Dan Alvarez and Gary Malkin
Engineered and Mixed by Dan Alvarez

Listen to a sample of the tracks

6 Tracks, Total Time: 68:25


P.S.: This collection is only digitally downloadable. CDs are no longer provided. Please check your email for the songs’ downloadable files. Right-click on the file to save it to your computer, or click on the songs to enjoy the streaming music. 

Envelop yourself in the contemplative piano improvisations and evocative orchestrations of Gary Malkin, the award-winning composer of the acclaimed global healing resource, Graceful Passages. AutumnStillness, (part of The Exhale Series: Soundtracks for the Seasons) provides spacious atmospheres that support compassionate engagement, healing presence, and creative flow.

AutumnStillness helps you to slow down and remember how precious life is. Along with all the Exhale recordings, AutumnStillness provides access to mindful, whole-hearted living, inspiring a connection to the ever-free, ever-now morning of creation through the seasons of your life.

“Gary has the most intuitive and elegant musical sensibility I have ever come across. His ability to compose or improvise just the perfect music for the situation is uncanny. His music literally makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up. And to top it off he is a visionary in his world of musical future thinking. He is a true “muso-trepreneur.”
-Denzyl Fiegelson, Architect of Itunes, Manager, Itunes Europe


10% of the proceeds from the sale of this product goes to the orphans and foundation projects of Master Healer and Humanitarian, Dr. Pankaj Naram.
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