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A Sampling of Songs and Instrumental Music to Support the Welcoming of New Life

By Gary Malkin and Lisa Rafel

Chantwave at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

(Michael Stillwater, 2006)
Universal Chants of Spirit from Michael Stillwater, with Christina Frith and Gary Malkin

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Total Time: 53:57



Deepening Our Capacity for Unconditional Love Through the Power of Music

The chants of Michael Stillwater are classics of contemporary interfaith liturgy; inclusive yet universal, simple yet profound, inductive and endlessly singable.

Predominantly English lyrics make their meaning understandable to a wide audience, supportive of awakening whether on an individual path or adhering to a spiritual tradition.

Enjoy this excellent recording of Michael Stillwater’s chants, including 9 celebratory, easy-to-sing chants from three ChantWave evenings at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. ChantWave features the sublime vocal artistry of Christina Quinn, the innovative piano stylings and vocals of Gary Malkin, the melodic native flute of BlueWolf, and the vocal participation of hundreds together with other musicians.