Inner Spa

Inner Spa

Guided Imagery and Music for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Featuring Dr. Marty Rossman, Speaker and Gary Malkin, Music

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Total Time: 76:28


P.S.: This collection is only digitally downloadable. CDs are no longer provided. Please check your email for the songs’ downloadable files. Right-click on the file to save it to your computer, or click on the songs to enjoy the streaming music. 

Four Digital Downloadable Tracks

  1. Inner Spa (introduction) 7:48
  2. Inner Spa (Inner Spa at Home) 16:35
  3. Inner Spa (Guided Imagery) 50:21
  4. Inner Spa (Conclusion) 1:45

Delivered by one of the pioneers of the guided imagery modality, Dr. Marty Rossman delivers another groundbreaking experience, meant to be savored when getting a massage to receive the full mind/body benefits of hands-on nurturing. This unique audio resource can make any spa’s offered massages unique – and even more special – by including this audio as an added bonus for masseur to offer her clients. These pioneering tracks of Dr. Rossman is enhanced with an improvised musical underscore created by Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin, best known for his groundbreaking work utilizing music to enhance the spoken word in the globally acclaimed audio resource, Graceful Passages. Through the blending of Dr. Rossman’s soothing messages with the customized musical enhancement, you will have an experience whether you’re the masseuse, client or simply a listener- that will offer many benefits to the heart, soul, and mind as well as the body.

Physician, author, speaker, researcher, and consultant, Dr. Rossman founded The Healing Mind in order to raise awareness about the power of high quality mind/body self-care tools in self-healing and in the health professions. Dr. Rossman has had a long-standing interest in the practical importance of attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and mind/body practices in medicine and health. In addition to a busy practice emphasizing non-drug medicine and patient participation, he has taught clinical guided imagery to over 10,000 health professionals since 1982. He has written many books, articles and book chapters on imagery, mind/body medicine and integrative medicine. You can also see his website at