Multi-Sensory Treasure Chest

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine, Restoring Balance



An emotionally powerful and transformative collection of musically enhanced wisdom featuring the celebrated visionaries of our time enriched by instrumental music designed to uplift the vibrational frequencies in your work and life environments so you can improve your inherent “being/doing” balance in your life. Perfect for people seeking to initiate a contemplative practice as well as those yearning for more heart and soul in their lives.
Collection Contents
A wide array of alchemical wisdom tracks featuring global wisdom keepers of our time) Excerpts from many albums such as Autumn Stillness, WinterFaith, unspeakable Grace, and other potent pieces for Sacred Space, Transformances (Excerpts), Songs from the Heart (Excerpts), and many extended guided meditations created by the Emmy award winning composer/ producer Gary Malkin.