Sonic Sanctuaries: Catalysts for an Inspired Life

Featuring Speaker Bruce Cryer, with music improvised and produced by Gary Malkin (2012)

“These meditations will help you remember essential values if you wish to be fully alive, balanced, and open to innovation in your professional and personal life.” – Jean Watson, PhD, RN, Founder, Watson Caring Science Institute

“What Makes Your Heart Sing” features Bruce Cryer, the former CEO of the globally renowned HeartMath Institute, providing guided journeys that will help you assimilate empowering messages so that you may flourish in your work, your relationships, and in all aspects of your life. May you awaken to what makes your heart sing!

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Total Time: 48:20



Sonic Sanctuaries provide two generous guided medications designed to help your subconscious mind assimilate empowering and liberating messages so that you may flourish in your work, your relationships, and in all aspects of your life. Featuring Bruce Cryer, former CEO of HeartMath, along with the improvisational piano stylings from Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin, you can experience an infusion of inspiration in these evocative and soothing guided meditations where two foundational principles for inspired living are offered as an experiential inner journey.

The Power of Willingness, and The Power of Playfulness audio meditations offers you a portal into core qualities for enhancing emotional Intelligence – so that you can enhance your sense of happiness, fulfillment and success in life. Repeated listenings can deepen your willingness to grow, while remembering how not to take yourself too seriously, all through joyfully embracing your life in the spirit of Beginner’s Mind.

“Sonic Sanctuaries could be considered part of the sound track for the global transformation that is underway, opening for a world that works for everyone. Thank you again for touching my heart so deeply.”
-Jim Selman, Founder, Paracomm Partners International

“The Power of Willingness”: 26:39

“If you’re looking for a body of work that has the power to change lives, look no further; This one’s a Perfect 10!”~ Todd Linden, President and CEO, F.A.C.H.E., Grinnell Regional Medical Center, Grinnell, Iowa

Through the evidenced-based modality of guided meditation, this spoken word and music track lovingly takes you on a journey where you can get out of your head, open your heart, and access your intuitive wisdom for more curiosity, humility, and receptivity to awaken new possibilities in all aspects of your life.

“The Power of Playfulness”: 21.54

“Bruce and Gary encourage us to re-connect with our passion for our work so we could harness our core creative talents in the chaotic environment of healthcare today. Thank you both for sharing your gifts and talents and for helping us reconnect with the power and passion of caring!”~ Anne M. Foss-Durant, RN, MS, NP, MBA, Nursing Leader, Faculty Associate, Watson Caring Science Institute

Through the subliminal power of guided meditation, these aesthetically produced audio tracks of spoken word and customized music awakens that childlike innocence that allows us surrender to our ‘beginner’s mind”, to create more ‘flow’ in our lives with more ease and Grace.” Jean Watson, Watson Caring Science Institute

Bruce Cryer Bio:

One of the founding directors of the HeartMath organizations, for eleven years Bruce Cryer served as CEO. HeartMath is an innovative research‐based firm offering unique products and award‐winning technology to boost performance, productivity and health while reducing stress. He is co‐author of the book From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance and the Harvard Business Review article Pull the Plug on Stress. Bruce co-presents What Makes Your Heart Sing? keynote performances with Gary Malkin, along with other presentations based on his vast experience in the holistic health industry for many years. He has been serving as a faculty member of the Stanford Executive Program since 1997 and was named a Top 50 Thought Leader in Personal Excellence.

Music Improvised and Produced by Gary Malkin
Orchestrated by Gary Malkin and Dan Alvarez
Music Programmed, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Alvarez
All selections Furniture Music, ASCAP