Sonic Sanctuaries: Contemplative Music for Sacred Space

Sonic Sanctuaries: Contemplative Music for Sacred Space

Inspired Musical Atmospheres composed and performed by Gary Malkin

“Sonic Sanctuaries could be considered part of the sound track for the global transformation that is underway, opening for a world that works for everyone. Thank you again for touching my heart so deeply.”

~ Jim Selman, Founder, Paracomm Partners International

(Gary Malkin, 2012)

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Total Time: 48:03


P.S.: This collection is only digitally downloadable. CDs are no longer provided. Please check your email for the songs’ downloadable files. Right-click on the file to save it to your computer, or click on the songs to enjoy the streaming music. 

2 Instrumental Journeys

These instrumental Sonic Sanctuaries provide evocative and soothing musical atmospheres that can reduce stress, enhance your sense of happiness, and provide atmospheres of belonging. The music creates a warm and compassionate musical ambience, evoking a calm serenity while being infused with a mindful, alert and Gary Malkin’s signature contemplative piano work, designed to evoke compassion, connection, and clarity of purpose.

“Willingness Instrumental”: 26:39

This music lovingly takes you on a journey where you can get out of your head, open your heart, and deeply rest in your core, bringing forth greater calm and receptivity to awaken new possibilities in all aspects of your life.

“Playfulness Instrumental”: 21.54

These aesthetically produced audio tracks awaken that childlike innocence that allows us surrender to our ‘beginner’s mind”, to create more ‘flow’ in our lives with more ease and Grace.

Music Improvised and Produced by Gary Malkin
Orchestrated by Gary Malkin and Dan Alvarez
Music Programmed, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Alvarez