The Heart of Healing: Music & Messages for the Human Journey

The Heart of Healing: Music & Messages for the Human Journey

A compilation of “alchemical wisdom”.

(Music Composed and Produced by Gary Malkin)
(Compilation Curated by Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater, 2016)

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Total Time: 63:51


P.S.: This collection is only digitally downloadable. CDs are no longer provided. Please check your email for the songs’ downloadable files. Right-click on the file to save it to your computer, or click on the songs to enjoy the streaming music. 

The Heart of Healing is an extraordinary audio resource for anyone on a healing path – health professionals, patients, caregivers, family and volunteers. This acclaimed CD features compassionate, pragmatic spoken word and music tracks excerpted, in part, from the award-winning Care For the Journey and Graceful Passages as well as voices of healing wisdom — Rachel Naomi Remen, MD; Ira Byock, MD; Marianne Williamson, Thich Nhat Hanh and others.

In this compilation of “alchemical wisdom” tracks produced by the award-winning team of Gary Malkin and Michael Stillwater, the featured wisdom keepers personally deliver their universally relevant and tenderly spoken wisdom straight from their hearts in service to anyone facing the healing process. These messages are set to an original musical score by Emmy award-winning composer, Gary Malkin, in order to enhance the ways in which we may listen, absorb and utilize this wisdom, so valuable during life’s healing challenges and opportunities.

Selected in 2007 by the American Cancer Society to be included in their Cancer Care Package, a collection of educational and inspirational resources offered freely to those on a healing journey through cancer.

 Meaningful messages from healthcare and humanitarian leaders of our time are featured, enhanced with magnificent music – all in support of our journey through this world…and beyond…

Messages infused with wisdom such as:

A healing journey calls us • Our wholeness reflects our humanity • We are really not in control • We can be a source of healing for others • Happiness is possible here and now • • This world is released with forgiveness.