The Journey of Our Lives: Music for New and Expecting Parents

The Journey of Our Lives: Music for New and Expecting Parents

Music and Lyrics for Deepening Bonding Before and After Birth

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Rafel and Gary Malkin
Music Produced and Arranged by Gary Malkin (2013)

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Total Time: 31:17


P.S.: This collection is only digitally downloadable. CDs are no longer provided. Please check your email for the songs’ downloadable files. Right-click on the file to save it to your computer, or click on the songs to enjoy the streaming music. 


Lisa Rafel and Gary Malkin’s songs and instrumental music invite you into an experience of deep calm and connection with your baby, either before or after birth. These songs were psycho-acoustically designed to deliver the deepest healing impact. The songs were impeccably arranged and produced to disarm the heart’s defenses in order to reclaim one’s sense of wonder and innocence that’s always associated with the bringing of new life into the world. The lyrics explore prenatal anticipation and wonder. The music, arranged by Emmy Award winning composer Malkin, can be used for yourself and your baby, or with the whole family.

“As a mother who nursed four children and being a therapeutic musician myself, I love the ebb and flow of this recording, and I can easily imagine a mom and baby being drawn ever more deeply into peaceful connection. I was deeply touched by the tenderness of Lisa Rafel’s and Gary Malkin’s songs and the expressiveness of the singers’ performances. “
– MELINDA GARDINER, RN, CMP Executive Director, Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc.


  • A perfect gift for expectant & new parents
  • Promotes bonding between parent & child before and after birth
  • Calms the listener’s heart & increases an experience of well-being, before and after birth
  • Music is enjoyed by the whole family

Produced by Resonant Sounds in association with Wisdom of the World Wellness, LLC