Thrive II: This Is What It Takes – Original Soundtrack

Thrive II: This Is What It Takes – Original Soundtrack

Full Length Documentary Original Music Soundtrack

Original Documentary Soundtracks
Composed and produced by Gary Malkin and Dan Alvarez

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63 Tracks, Total Time: 115:00


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The Thrive II documentary explores the astonishing new science of the Unified Field, where we learn that everything at its core is comprised of vibrations on every scale. Revealing revelations that recognize the universe as intrinsically analogous to the phenomenon of music – “uni-verse- one song” – the composers for both Thrive documentaries knew that their job was to create a score that would enable the viewer to not only assimilate the vast cognitive content of the film, but also to emotionally and spiritually resonate with the film’s message, subliminally supporting the life-changing impact the film provides. By harnessing the latest digital music creation technologies, composers Malkin and Alvarez hunkered down during the early lockdown months of the covid pandemic to create a richly layered, genre-diverse soundtrack that did just that. From the mind-blowing special effects representing the Unified Field to the inventive animations illuminating a world in which everyone can thrive, this soundtrack gives life to the extraordinary world that Foster and Kimberly Gamble and their team meticulously created. Dive into the sonic landscape of the Thrive soundtracks, which contains its revelations, stories, and intentions watermarked within each musical cue, allowing you to experience the Thrive world in multi-linear and visceral ways, taking you on a multi-sensory journey as only the universal language of music can achieve. You can learn more about the groundbreaking work these composers have been creating beyond their film-scoring work, designed for catalyzing stillness, heart coherence, healing, and transformation by visiting “I call Gary Malkin “Maestro” because he earns it with every creation. His mastery of nuance and poignancy in carrying
 challenging insights straight to the heart is unprecedented in my experience. He’s Thrive’s secret weapon in our peaceful movement to help wake us up in time to reclaim our freedom
, our esteem and our vision. A new story for a thriving species needs an authentic inspiring soundtrack and Gary Malkin is the John Williams of this genre.” – Foster Gamble, Co-Creator, The Thrive Documentary Series.