Unspeakable Grace: The Music of Graceful Passages

Unspeakable Grace: The Music of Graceful Passages

The sweeping evocative music from the spoken-word giftbook/CD Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying,
composed by Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin.

Music Composed and Produced by Gary Malkin (2016)
Orchestrated by Gary Malkin and Dan Alvarez
Music Programmed, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Alvarez

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Total Time: 73:12


2021: Celebrating Graceful Passages’ Twentieth Anniversary

Unspeakable Grace is the collection of poignant music from the acclaimed spoken-word giftbook/CD Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying. Composed and produced by Emmy award-winning composer Gary Malkin, this music was originally created to ‘underscore’ authentic tender messages that addressed the mystery of our mortality, spoken by globally-revered visionaries and spiritual leaders. (Learn more about Graceful Passages here.)

Reflecting a cinematic sensibility with orchestral and choral textures, Unspeakable Grace sets a new benchmark for music dedicated to psychospiritual support during the transitions of our lives. Considered to be one of the finest works of its kind by leading thought leaders and experts worldwide, this music creates an environment of compassion, tenderness, and healing, evoking a palpable serenity for anyone who slows down enough to receive its gifts. Created originally for those pondering the precipice of life and death, Unspeakable Grace provides an tender ‘sonic cathedral” for reflection, healing, and acceptance. Since its release twenty years ago, this resource has touched more than a million people worldwide.

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