WinterFaith: Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space

WinterFaith: Piano Improvisations for Sacred Space

The Exhale Collection; Volume I
Sanctuaries for the Seasons of our Souls

(Gary Malkin, 2016)

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Total Time: 64:25


P.S.: This collection is only digitally downloadable. CDs are no longer provided. Please check your email for the songs’ downloadable files. Right-click on the file to save it to your computer, or click on the songs to enjoy the streaming music. 

"Beneath the frozen surface, a new life exists. Even when Spring cannot be seen, Winter waits in faith."
- Michael Stillwater, Producer

“This CD of piano improvisations is the first of a new genre I have been exploring, that of contemplative piano improvisation for sacred space.  In offerings of devotion, authenticity and intimacy, I have chosen to surrender to the moment by integrating this spacious approach while paying homage to beloved friends in my life that I loves and for which I am grateful. Each piece is an extemporaneous musical tribute, offering a musical profile of the people who have added so much richness to my life. The result has been a deeply felt experience of tenderness which filled my heart with compassion, presence, and an invitation to feel and pay attention to the nuances of my life more deeply.” – Gary Malkin

WinterFaith is the first volume of the Exhale Collection featuring contemplative piano improvisations for ‘Sacred Space”. The first of Malkin’s contemplative style of extemporaneous compositions, this music takes you on a quiet journey for the soul, creating a perfect environment for rest and introspection. This is the kind of music you might listen to while your mind is open to being supported while in the midst of a creative process, or a quiet retreat with yourself or with a loved one. WinterFaith invites you to enter this chamber of music to remember and feel the ever-now, ever-free morning of creation.

Malkin’s piano improvisations were created to provide an environment that will allow you to truly relax and allow a reverie of beauty to bathe you in a loving presence as you engage in a musical inquiry into loss and redemption, wandering and returning. WinterFaith has a perennial beauty to last through all seasons. The title, Winterfaith, echoes the prayer that in times when winter seems unending, while spring is still deep in hiding, a light awaits within, and good will find its way.

May you always be able to remember and experience the ever-free, ever-now morning of creation throughout all the seasons of your life.


“When an artist moves out of his own way, each musical phrase becomes an act of devotion. In this pristine air, open to the truth of the present moment, every note becomes a gesture of the infinite, each motif a tracing of the timeless. Gary Malkin’s improvisational piano artistry welcomes the listener to witness a birth, a feast, a shawl for the heart.”
– Michael Stillwater

“Dom Perignon for the Soul.”
Jan Garret and JD Martin, New Thought Recording Artists

“I love Winterfaith. I love every part of it. I play it all the time when I’m home alone. It’s special and true and authentic, full of richness and unexpected trustworthiness. Truly a delicious offering for all those seeking an oasis of calm in a hurried world.”
- Kim Rosen, Poetry Performance Artist and Author, Saved by a Poem