Cultivating the Art of Human Being

If the 20th Century was considered the Age of Information, the 21st Century will undoubtedly be called the Age of Integration. All over the world, individuals and institutions have been demonstrating a hunger for more humane and authentic forms of expression and communication, ways of interacting with life that that helps us feel more connected to things of meaning and substance. 

Exciting new brain research shows that human beings are hard-wired to experience this meaning making.  We are no longer content to live our lives when linear, intellectual exchange of information is seen as the only credible form of communication, which is unfortunately still the case in most institutions of our “civilized” society. 

Little by little, more and more people are beginning to realize that each of us has a responsibility to wake up to the fullness of life –  and therefore to all of ourselves –  body, heart, mind, spirit and soul. 

We are here to be fully integrated, and in so doing, be present to experience the precious gift that life is. 

Research has shown that the human mind thinks at about 600 – 1000 words per minute; that we generally converse at about 150 words per minute. However, if there were a way to measure how quickly our hearts and spirits processed words (as well as the meaning behind them), we might learn that our hearts and spirits process words much more slowly. They often need much more time to assimilate the emotional and spiritual resonance of things, for meaning-making.

If our culture views our intellectual capacities as the only credible form of information exchange, what does this say about our culture’s willingness to deal with life’s important issues of our time utilizing the fullness of the human experience – body, mind, heart, and spirit?  

Could it be that there might be some answers available to us if we could tap into the oft-misunderstood creative processes of the non-linear arts such as music, poetry, and story, for example, to illuminate us in some way towards a deeper understanding of the language of our hearts and souls?

When we become fragmented from any part of ourselves, we aren’t able to share ourselves fully with the ones we love, or with the world at large. And when that happens, we are not able to live our lives as we were destined to live them, which prevents us from being able to fully serve others as well.

To create experiential, non-linear tools that awaken our hearts, minds and spirits so that we can live our lives with all aspects of ourselves engaged:  this is the mission upon which the life-enhancing media company, Wisdom of the World is based. 

By intentionally utilizing the platform of the non linear art forms – music, poetry, dance, for example,  forms which have  the power to bring our full attention to what matters most in life – we can effectively address one of the most dangerous yet unaddressed problems of our time: the fragmentation of our humanity that results in decisions being made and lives being lived without the full benefit of our heart’s and soul’s inherent wisdom. 

Allowing the arts to communicate the essential issues of our lives helps us to learn how  to  experience life not only with our minds, but with our hearts and spirits as well. By strategically using these non-linear tools to awaken all of ourselves, we will be more able to live our lives with greater compassion, joy, fulfillment, and connection to that which matters most in our lives.


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