The Life-Affirming Power of Solace


This state of gratitude is our natural state – the place that gives us access to the infinite flow of the Universe. And when we arrive there, it’s becomes full circle, starting over, again and again, forever renewing and repeating itself, endlessly. This is what we all recognize as flow, being in the Zone, living in the Power of Now. The ultimate expression of living fully. 

Most often, the most consistent obstruction to allowing ourselves this perspective of “Radical Gratitude” (no matter what the circumstances) –  are the stored and unassimilated losses that most of us shoulder, store, and deny throughout our lives.  Believe me, I’ve learned this the hard way: the places I most often avoid and deny – turn out to be the most perfectly designed treasure chests of change and transformation that I’m needing, especially when I can re-imagine these places of pain as portals to move through, rather than places to hang out in.  

Creating opportunities for us to face, assimilate and release our particular places of grief – and then to receive the precious solace that can touch and heal us from unstructured time in nature, or from people we love and care about – can fertilize the rich inner soil within us so that we can step into a more consciously co-creative role in life. When I’m no longer gun-shy about really asking myself the question What Makes My Heart Sing? , I know I have arrived at a place that knows that I belong. A place that knows I can breathe a sigh of relief as I start asking more from the animal of my being, what do I truly love? A place that will no longer be reminded of shattered dreams and unmet needs, but a place that generously and lovingly says to me: “Come.  Welcome. You are wanted, desired, and longed for. You are needed! And loved! Exactly who you are. Now, it’s time to get to it. There’s much to be done!  SO DO IT! Live the life you came here expressly to live, and do it now!”

When you can align and resonate to the unique, authentic, vibrational frequency that is you and only you, you will be awakened with the courage to live your life with this question every day……”What makes your heart sing?”.   I mean, really. What REALLY makes your heart sing?” 


Silence…..and then….


The images start to come. The cob-webs hiding the real, juicy dreams of your heart get dusted off. You start to feel confirmation bumps as the courage to ask this key question yields to a profound self-permission to fully BE here, now – without a need for apology or explanation.  


This is what I call truly living! 


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