You Were Born for a Time Such as This – Prayer Song Process

“He who sings, prays twice” – St. Augustine

At the Whidbey Institute I felt a download come to me to create “The Prayer Song Process” – which I have now done workshops on around the world. Just last night I completed another Prayer Song Process workshop in Sebastopol, California, attended by some remarkable people and had FANTASTIC results. So deeply moved to witness people discovering their true calling at this time, and encompassing it in a song that is uniquely theirs.

Here is a short description of this amazing process for those who are interested in learning more…

The PrayerSong Process

Singing Your Emergent Self into Being 

Created and Facilitated by Gary Malkin 

For time immemorial, indigenous cultures have been using the power of the human voice to express, align, and direct their positive intentions to create a more fulfilling, Source-directed life. We have always held within us the innate power to identify, express, and transmit our innermost prayers through our singing voices, but our culture’s predilection to associate singing with performing of some kind has interfered with the inherent birthright to use our voices to access and nourish our inner lives and affirm the life we wish to bring into manifestation.   

In order to awaken the unfolding of our emergent selves through the power of song, you are invited to attend a very special experience: The PrayerSong Process. This experiential workshop features a transformational process created by Emmy Award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, representing a next phase of music-infused tools that offer aesthetic solutions for greater meaning and connection as we traverse the passages of our lives.

Recently introduced at the esteemed Whidbey Institute to enthusiastic acclaim, The PrayerSong Process provides a safe container for you to clear away the past by engaging in an Anticipatory Grief Experience in order to create space for what’s ready to emerge in your life.  Then, you are given time to listen to that which is emerging from you that will help you embody your true purpose at this time.  You then express this intention in the form of a prayer for yourself, and then “clothe” your prayer in the form of personalized chant to weave your emergent prayers and intentions into reality.

The PrayerSong Process is an intimate community experience that offers a creative respite from the rigors and distractions of our busy lives.  If you are drawn to this event based on this description, please trust your ‘still, quiet voice within” and register to attend.   

You Were Born for a Time Such as This.

Experience the PrayerSong Process Facilitated GARY MALKIN

Powerful gifts, talents, qualities and visions were embedded inside you a long time ago. At this seminal time in the earth’s history, if you could fully awaken and embody these core “seeds” that were given to you, how might the manifestation of your dreams, hopes, and desires be accelerated towards how you want to show up, who you wish to be, and what the “real” you wants to achieve before this life is over?

The PrayerSong Process provides a safe and impactful opportunity for you to dive deep within so that you can connect with your essential self, beyond your personality’s tired compensatory strategies that were subconsciously adopted throughout your life’s journey thus far. During these creative and emotionally impactful workshops, you will be invited to align with your Higher Self’s core intentions and dreams so that you will directly experience who you are NOW and how you can best be ‘utilized’ to be a blessing to all you meet.

Supported by a world-class Emmy award-winning composer, singer/songwriter, pianist, and facilitator, you will be guided to use the primordial powers of word, rhythm, melody, and harmony to create a musical prayer that will emerge, step by step, from deep within you. This prayer will invoke the energies, qualities, and capacities you need to manifest now so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose, manifest your true destiny, and become the change you wish to see in your world at this time in your life.

Regardless of whether you believe you have the ability to create this for yourself or not, a sung prayer will emerge from within you that will touch, move and inspire you every time it’s brought forth. This experience can provide a lasting personal chant that could be repeatedly sung, listened to, or shared- whenever you want to reconnect to who you truly are as you traverse your unfolding life adventure.

Contact Gary Malkin for this unique & powerful life-enhancing experience.

Call 415 233 2994 or email him at [email protected]

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